Triangular shackles with anti-snoring


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The chin strap is appropriate for CPAP users to support the chin and maintain a tight mouth, restricting the flow of air into the throat, allowing your lungs to receive more oxygen, so you don’t snore all night, and get a peaceful and silent night’s sleep.

Made from a comfortable fabric- Because the chin strap is made of high-quality, breathable, comfortable lycra fabric, you won’t perspire or feel uncomfortable all night, ensuring the finest possible snooze.

Adapative Design- The shoulder straps are wide enough, the triangular shape holds them firmly all night, and the very light and breathable construction makes for a very comfortable fit. It is also compatible with CPAP mouth, nasal, and vent masks.

Easy to wear- The anti-snoring device has an extremely large ear hole design, a strong magic patch that is adjustable, and a triangular shape. You only need to place your chin on the chin strap to get the ears and face in the right position, and the entire wearing process only requires a few seconds to adjust using magic paste.

Product Specifications

Brand Name: Genkent
Type: Anti Snore Chin Strap
Work Mode: Auto
Material: Neoprene
Model Number: Anti Snoring belt
Item Type: Sleep & Snoring


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Triangular shackles with anti-snoring

Availability: In stock