Floating Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Net


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Looking to shoot some hoops while swimming around in your pool? Our exclusive pool basketball hoop was designed to make it easy to spend quality time with family and friends while cooling off in the pool during the hot days.

Floating Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Net

Created with a floating base, this pool basketball goal comes with multiple small rings and a mini basketball. Not only does the swimming pool basketball hoop handle all of the rough dunks without sinking under water, but it also floats around freely, making the shots actually challenging and fun.

Best part of all, the lightweight and compact design of the pool hoop makes it extremely easy to carry and store. Fold it away after use or take it everywhere with you to enjoy shooting some hoops while on the go.

Floating Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Net


BUILT TO LAST – Simply put, this pool basketball net was built to last. The heavy duty build ensures that the water basketball hoop stays intact regardless of the pressure that’s applied to it. Whether you want to host a dunk contest or a free-throw contest, this pool basketball hoop is perfect for all!

EASY TO SETUP – Setting up the pool basketball goal is as simple as unfolding it out and fixing it in place before use. No types of external tools or devices are needed for setup.

PORTABLE – Weighing less than 2 lbs in total, this swimming pool basketball hoop is extremely portable and easy to carry. Can be moved from pool to pool without hassle.


Size: 61cm
Age: 3-6 Years, 7-14 Years, 15-35 Years


1 x swimming pool basketball hoop
1 x inflatable ball
3 x rings


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Floating Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Net

Availability: In stock