Modern Heatless Hair Curlers



No heat, No clips, No Pins, and No power outlet.
 Simply wrap the hair around your hair and fold the top over.
The longer you leave the curlers in the hair, the tighter the curl.
That’s it!


For adults, we recommend ordering 30pcs or more


Stop burning your hair! Throw away your curling iron and check out these Heatless Hair Curlers. Get fabulous loose waves, natural ringlets, or pin curls without heat.

 Create flawless looking curls instantly without damaging your hair or excessive heat damage. 

The No Heat Silicon Hair Curler is super simple & easy to use. Just wrap them around your hair, wait for a few minutes and then voila! In just a few simple steps you will be able to see great results without having to use heat curlers that can damage your hair! 

Works for all hair types and length, long, medium and short hair.



  • Perfect Curls– Every single time! Delivers you effortless curls in less than 30 minutes. Simple, repeatable and super easy for anyone so you can get silky smooth curls as soon as you get it. 

  • Easy To Clean – Shaycurls are washable and light weight, they can be reused many times, so practical and economical 

  • Safe Curling – It doesn’t damage your hair or cause any breakage due to excessive heat exposure. You just have to leave it for a few minutes and you will achieve perfect luscious curls without using heat curlers that can damage your hair later on.

  • PREMIUM DURABLE – Made of medical plastic/resin, it is hypoallergenic, odorless and non-slip, and most importantly durable, allowing you to get sexy and luscious curls without breakage

  • Variety of Hairstyles: Easily create a variety of hairstyles with the right tightness => Voluminous curls, beachy waves, defined waves, textured & spiraled, tight & springy, wavy & curly, etc.


How to Use ShayCurls in 6 simple steps:



Material: Plastic  Resin

Small Curlers for Tight curls

  • Size: outside 3.9cm/1.54in, inside 1.5cm/0.59in

 – Large Curlers for Loose curls

  • Size: 5.0cm/1.97in outside, inside  2.0cm/0.79in 


Secret message: Keep an eye for the Mystery box later on down the line 😉 


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Modern Heatless Hair Curlers
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