Nylon Casual Shoulder Handbag


This is a large capacity handbag you can’t miss!

Stylish appearance, multiple compartments and pockets composed of large space can fully accommodate your needs.

Extra large capacity
Extraordinarily ample space to fully store your daily travel essentials. Super large size can accommodate your books, laptops, tablets, even short trips you can also use this bag, it can store at least 3 pieces of clothing, 2 pairs of pants, and a pair of shoes.

Separation of wet and dry
The bottom pocket is specially designed to store umbrellas, water bottles or other wet items, so that they can be stored separately from other items to avoid getting wet.

Waterproof and wear-resistant 
The use of nylon fabric, waterproof and wear-resistant, even if the rain is not worried about getting the contents of the bag wet.

Clear zoning
Multiple pockets and compartments are set inside and outside the bag to help you store different items. Easy to find our change, cards, keys and other items.

Suitable for a variety of uses
In addition to daily use for work and school, it can also be used for short trips, long trips, fitness, going to the beach, etc.

Fashionable simplicity
Fashionable and simple appearance, suitable for matching different outfits. Our bag is also designed with the most popular pattern of elephants nowadays.

Detailed description
Wide shoulder straps design, can be handheld can be carried on one shoulder, long time handheld does not strangle hands, will not make the shoulder pain. Hardware will not fade, zipper smooth.



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Nylon Casual Shoulder Handbag