Premium Wind Turbine Generator Small Home Windmill Generator


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Premium Wind Turbine Generator Small Home Windmill Generator:

The best wind turbine for keeping your costs under control without depleting your resources is now available!

When it comes to owning your own windmill generator, our Premium Wind Turbine Generator Small Home Windmill Generator is an outstanding deal. You may generate green electricity without exerting any effort with this wind generator.

This DIY wind turbine kit is based on physics. The kinetic energy provides the necessary energy for the wind turbine generator to begin operating. The little wind turbine rotates the generator and generates green electricity from here.


Depending on the direction of the wind, this windmill generator adjusts its position automatically. The windmill for power is the best wind turbine because of this self-adjusting mechanism.

With the home wind generator, you may now produce energy in a more environmentally friendly manner. You can utilize a wind generator for your home to enhance power production. You can adjust its position at any time thanks to its removable function.


EASY INSTALLATION: This wind turbine kit for the home is simple to set up. It is based on fundamental ideas. The wind power generator’s human-friendly design makes assembly a breeze.

AERODYNAMIC STRUCTURE: Our compact wind turbine is made of reinforced glass fiber and has an aerodynamic structure that can self-adjust. The windmill generator’s construction maintains the windmill spinning for electricity.

LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Because of the design, this generator saves you energy and so puts less burden on you. Its electricity output is maximized, making it the best wind turbine.


  • Rated Speed : 800r/min[RPM]
  • Rated Power : 1200W
  • Tower Diameter : >80 mm(3.2in)
  • Rated Voltage : DC27-54V
  • Tower Height : 4.5m-10m(15-33in)
  • Battery Voltage : DC12V
  • Battery Capacity : 200AH-400AH
  • Start-up Wind Speed : 2.5m/s(8in/s)
  • Rated Wind Speed : 12m/S(35in/s)
  • Number of Blades : 5
  • Material of Wind Leaf : PBT
  • Rotor Diameter : 1.2m(4in)
  • Packing Dimension : 687*365*210mm(27inx14.4inx8.3in)
  • Product Life : 15 years

Package includes:

  • 1 x Wind Turbine
  • 1 x Set Screws and Nuts
  • 1 x Controller (12/24V)
  • 5 x Blades
  • 1 x Nose Cone
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


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Premium Wind Turbine Generator Small Home Windmill Generator

Availability: In stock