Professional Spyfinder Hidden Bugs Detector


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Never expose your privacy ever again!

If you suspect that you might be secretly listened, watched or you don’t trust the safety of your place, hotel, dressing room, bed room, bathroom, office or confidential meeting this Hidden Bugs Detector is perfect for you!

Designed for Privacy Protection

This camera detector can detect wired and wireless hidden cameras, pinhole cameras, eavesdropping devices, GPS locators, Spy Bugs and etc. It can effectively protect you from exposing privacy information to other people.

Next Level Detection Technology

This Hidden Bugs Detector have exclusive ultra-sensitive chips for advanced detection technology with12 levels of sensitivity, which allow you to find much more accurately  the hidden signal source.

4 Professional Modes

Professional Spyfinder Hidden Bugs Detector have 4 build in modes including RF wireless signal detection, UG magnetic field signal detection, camera detection, auxiliary lighting by flashlight.

Portable Design

Portable enough to fit in your pockets and small bags.

It’s 75% much smaller and lighter that other bulky and heavy detectors on the market today.

25 Hours of Working Time

Enjoy 25 hours of working time. You can take it to work and business trips without even touching the charger.


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Professional Spyfinder Hidden Bugs Detector

Availability: In stock