360 Degree Automatic Sprinklers


Material: ABS
Color: Green/Blue
Standard: EU standard/US  standard
Size: 15*15*8.5cm
Product list: 1* 360 Degree Automatic Sprinkler

Keep your grass and garden hydrated this summer with Automatic 360° Rotating Garden Sprinkler!

AquaLawn is the perfect addition to any garden or lawn care system. Simply connect it to your garden hose and it spouts out water through powerful jets 360-degrees. You can efficiently water your plants with minimal effort while you can have more time to do other stuff or use it as a fun attraction for your little ones to run around and cool down during hot summer days.

Designed to automatically rotates 360 degrees to cover your whole garden with 3 adjustable arms for customized coverage. The spray distance reaches up to 32 ft and covers up to 3600 square feet. It uses water conservation technology that lets you save 70% water but with stronger pressure.


  • Automatic 360° Rotation – Features with three arms, 360-degree rotating nozzle body, 12 multi-angle nozzles.

  • Wide Coverage – Irrigated coverage up to 3600 square feet, spray distance 26-32.8ft, fit for your whole yard moisture need.
  • Water-Saving Design – Using our 4 nozzle watering sprinkler will reduce water usage by up to 70% over traditional sprinklers or watering manually. By using a small amount of water yet strong pressure, it delivers an equal and right amount of water to your grass and plants.

  • Easy To Install – Easy to install and simple to use. It connects to your standard garden hose and starts watering instantly without the use of other equipment.

  • High Quality – Made of high ABS material, eco-friendly, safe and durable to use.
  • Versatile – Perfect for watering garden, lawns, trees, shrubs, roof cooling, etc. It can also be used as a summertime sprinkler for kids and your dogs to enjoy.



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360 Degree Automatic Sprinklers
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