4 in 1 Magical Multifunctional Car Cup Holder


Do You Spill Your Drinks In The Car All The Time? Does You Car Get Messy All The Time? Have You Stopped Drinking Your Favorite Beverage All Together While On The Road?

Our 4 in 1 Car Cup Holder lets you store drinks and snacks easily and securely while on the go. Its adjustable design ensures a secure fit to most cup holders and its tray can be used for an extra storage space for your small items. In other words, you can start enjoying having your beverage while driving without worrying about spilling it in the car again! 


  1. 4-in-1 Design: The top 3 tiers on the car cup holder can rotate 360 degrees, which means the cup holder can hold 4 cups at the same time, but only takes 1 original cup slot on the center console.

  2. Adjustable Upper Cup Hold: Telescopic claws of the upper cup holder expands its diameter from 73mm up to 150mm. This means it can not only hold cups but also bigger circular snack trays and tablets! 

  3. Strongly Stable: The car cup holder is made of ABS material, which is heat-resistant and flexible. The upper and lower cup holders have shock-absorbing and non-slip foam pads to reduce noise. It also has non-slip silicone attached to the edge of the base, which can effectively prevent the product from falling off or spilling.

  4. Telescopic Base: The base of the beverage holder is adjustable, the telescopic diameter is about 66 to 100mm, the edge has non-slip silicone sheet, which is designed to fit most car models. 

  5. Easy to Use: After adjusting the base, put it into the original cup holder, and rotate the cup holder to pop out the fixed key in the base until it is fixed.


  • Material: ABS+silicone+foam
  • Size: about 121x87x208mm/4.76*3.43*8.19in
  • Base Diameter: 66~100mm(adjustable)
  • Color: Black


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4 in 1 Magical Multifunctional Car Cup Holder
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