Anti-fog HD Professional Swimming Goggles


Comfortable to wear, perfect material

It is made of odorless, hypoallergenic silicone, and the goggles are latex and PVC-free, especially suitable for people with sensitive skin. The belt has non-slip particles to keep the position of the goggles fixed. Ergonomic design, with 3D frame, soft silicon gasket, can reduce the pressure around the eyes, allowing you to swim freely

Waterproof & Waterproof

The soft memory silicon gasket and double-layer seal ensure that it fits on different facial shapes and keep water from entering the goggles, allowing you to swim freely without distraction. High-quality materials can prevent cracking.

Ultra-wide field of view

The enlarged arc-shaped impact-resistant PC lens can provide a 180-degree ultra-wide field of view, ensuring that you have a more comfortable swimming experience, clearer and more natural line of sight, and will not produce fog or glare, and reduce Visual fatigue.

Easy adjustment

Turn the hand strap adjustment button to the side. Tighten or loosen the belt to fit your head size. Replace the adjustment button so that the goggles fit your size.

Bring your own earplugs

There are earplugs on the belt, so you dont need to bring your own earplugs, and you are not afraid that the earplugs will fall off.

Product package:

1x Swimming Goggles


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Anti-fog HD Professional Swimming Goggles