Brand N Mart Bathbrush


The Brand N Mart Bathbrush is a gift to your furry friends!

Your furry friend will love the Brush. Our bathing brush turns the usual bath into a soothing wellness experience for your pet. Bath time is often stressful for many pets… but with the Brush Bathbrush, bathing becomes a calming and relaxing moment for you and your furry friend.


The Brush is so gentle and soft that your pet will feel like it’s in a loving embrace while being brushed. The gentle silicone of the brush effectively removes dirt and dander from the fur without irritating the fur or skin. At the same time, it gently massages the skin and promotes blood circulation, leading to a healthier and shinier coat.

The Brush bathing brush is not only a delight for your furry friend, but also extremely practical for you as a pet owner. The brush has a clever shampoo distribution function that allows you to fill the shampoo directly into the brush. So you no longer have to hold the shampoo in your hand or struggle with another bottle.

The brush always ensures optimal distribution of the shampoo on your pet’s fur. This feature makes the Brush Bathbrush an indispensable tool for any pet owner who wants a simple and effective bathing experience for their furry friends.

Transform your bath time into a pleasant experience with the Brush Bathbrush!

  • Soothing bathing experience
  • Gentle and soft
  • Effectively removes dirt and dander
  • For a healthy and shiny coat
  • For dogs and cats


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Brand N Mart Bathbrush
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