Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter with 5.0 Dual USB Charger


Important Note:
How to Adjust FM Frequency from Transmitter:
1. The calling button is a multifunctional button, please press the calling button at first to enter frequency mode
2. And then rotate the calling button to adjust FM frequency.

Bluetooth-compatible 5.0:
Advanced Bluetooth-compatible 5.0 technology, Faster and more stable than BT4.1 or BT4.0. Our Bluetooth FM transmitter is capable of streaming wonderful music and keeping you connected when you are driving.

Support Music Format:

Hands-free Calling:
It has a built-in Mic with Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression (CVC) technology that offers you a clear talking. Just one click when receiving a call, the Bluetooth FM transmitter will provide you with a hands-free function and safer driving experience.

Multi-Play Mode
Support TF card and U disk extended playback, noise, and wind suppressed by CVC technology will create full duplex sound quality, letting you enjoy the lossless music whilst driving.

Dual Ports Charger:
Support charge both devices simultaneously, Smart output current pairs all cellphones and tablets, safely charging to your device without damage to the battery.

Battery Voltage:
Automatically detect car battery voltage, voice reminder, support instant voltage viewing.

1. Working voltage: 12V-24V
2. USB output voltage: DC/5V
3. Dual USB: 5V/3.1A (Max),2.1A+1.0A
4. Version: Bluetooth 5.0
5. Effective distance: 0-8M
6. Launch distance: 0-3M
7. Support TF card / U disk capacity: ≤ 64GB
8. Voltage detection range: 6-30V
9. Power mode: cigarette lighter power supply
10. Bitrate: 64-320KBPS
11. Harmonic distortion: <0.05% FM: <0.1%)
12. Signal to noise ratio: 85db (FM: 65db)
13. File Support Type: WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV
14.FM frequency range: 87.5-108MHz (100KHz step)
15. Product size: 70*62*205mm

Package Contents:
1x FM transmitter
1x User Manual

Using the Operation:
1. Connect the device, please insert the FM transmitter into the car cigarette lighter socket to turn on the power, and then pair it with the mobile phone through the Bluetooth function. Then synchronize the FM frequency with your car and FM transmitter.
2. Transmission signal is very important, make sure the FM frequency is the same as your car and FM transmitter.
3. And please try to use a blank FM frequency, because the local radio will interfere with the transmission signal of the FM transmitter.
4. Therefore, please try to use some blanks and high frequencies to reduce interference from local radio stations and channels.
5. If you have any questions, please contact us directly, thank you.


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Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter with 5.0 Dual USB Charger
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