Compressed Air Duster LED 100000RPM 3 Gear Rechargable Keyboard Cleaner


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No More Throwing Money at Disposable Canned Air

Compressed Air Duster works very well to clean up any dusty place like your car (especially for AC), keyboards, fans, computer internals or blowing up any inflatable.

Works way better then disposable air cans! Saves so much money!

Adjustable 3 Speed Modes

The air duster is equipped with a powerful 51000 RPM motor, which provides super airflow for deep cleaning.

Press 3 seconds and hold the power on, click the button, you can switch 3 airflow modes (33000 RPM, 38000 RPM, 51000 RPM) for different equipment cleaning!

Rechargeable Battery

This cordless dust cleaner has a built-in 6000mAh battery, which can run continuously for 20-30 minutes.

Comes with USB-C fast charging cable, fully charged within 3-4 hours (green light is always on: fully charged), can be charged from your computer, mobile power supply, car chargers, adapters.

LED Lights & Cordless Design

LED lights automatically start working on when turned on allowing you to easily clean up dark corners for convenience when you cleaning.

With its ergonomic shape and cordless design, it’s small, lightweight, comfortable to hold, and easy to carry around.

Multiple Uses

Compressed air comes with 5 sets of nozzles to meet different needs.

Suitable for dust removal from your computer cases, keyboards, cars, fans, lily windows, etc.

The multifunctional nozzle is great to inflate swimming rings, yoga balls, steamboats, air mattresses, inflatable toys, etc.


Please do not use the air duster when charging. 

Eco Friendly

Compared with compressed air can, this cordless air duster do not produce chemicals, liquids or ice during the cleaning process.

The air blower be used multiple times to save you money and protects the environment.


Charging power supply: DC5V
Battery capacity: 6000MAH (11.1v2000MAH, battery number: 18650)
Charging time: about 3H
Use time: 30 minutes
Motor: Brushed high-speed motor Motor speed: 51000 rpm
Blowing force test: 25M/S
Working temperature: -10~50℃
Working humidity: -10~60℃
Material: ABS+PP
Noise: <80db
Charging input current: 3A
Output voltage: 12V
Output current: 8A
Rated power: 68W
Standby power consumption: <50UA
Charging port: T-C port
Product size: 111X69*X195 mm (without tube)


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Compressed Air Duster LED 100000RPM 3 Gear Rechargable Keyboard Cleaner

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