Electric Dog Fence – Wireless Dog Fence


Millions Of Dogs Are Killed On The Road Each Year Because Car don’t See Them. Make Sure To Keep Them Safe And Confined To Your Desires Range With The Wireless Dog Fence System. It’s economical, convenient, good for your pet’s safety and a good dog training tool.


  • If the dog is outside the remote control range, this Electric Dog Fence system will automatically start the warning tone and electrostatic shock mode.
  • When your dog leaves the border area, the collar will begin to beep and then shock from weak to strong. You can also stop the shock immediately by pressing the power button.
  •  You can use the remote control to set the area range and use it to accurately cover or exclude any area you want.


      ✔ #1 Rated 2 in 1 Wireless Fence System
      ✔Train Your Pets in 14 days
      ✔100% Safe to Pets
      ✔Fits Almost All Size Dogs
      ✔Cost Effective and Easy to Install


  • Centered on the transmitter, the maximum remote radius is 500 meters.
  • One transmitter can support with multi-collar receivers.
  • Transmitter with LCD display to visually display the current signal strength gear.
  • Simple operation of code and quick function setting.
  • waterproof design for outdoor use at any weather condition and rechargeable by adapter.
  • There are 3 working modes: Sound, Vibration, Shock. When your dog receive 1st sound warning, and she/he insists to go out of the boundary, it will start vibration or shock(if vibration didn’t warn your dog to come back, will start shock mode)


When your dog goes beyond the border, collar receiver sound warning 5 seconds –> Your dog will be shocked by the collar receiver for 5s if he did’t return to the limited area after the sound warning –> If the dog still don’t return after being shocked for 5s, he will be simultaneously warned and shocked for 8 seconds –> Still not returned, the collar receiver always warns him with a sound (at this time, for the safety of the dog, no more electric shock).

User Notes:

  • lease TRAIN your dog with this product for few times when starting to use.
  • In shock mode, the collar gives out the electric shock is 3.7V , within the safe voltage, the feeling of pain is similar to the dog was taken an injection.
  • Do not put the collar on the dog for more than 10 hours every day.
  • After fully charged, the transmitter could be used about 20 days, and the receiver could last for 10 days.

Package contains:

  • wireless transmitter
  • receiver
  • waterproof TPU belt
  • charger (110V-240V)
  • test light
  • receiver sensor head (2 long and 2 short)
  • screw
  • manual

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