Fashionable Anti-Blue Light Rimless Reading Glasses


Fashionable and attractive reading glasses that block 95% of harmful blue light, making screen time more comfortable.

A sleek, elegant look that breaks the boring and ugly look of traditional glasses.


* Protect your eyes

It effectively blocks the reflection of blue light, minimizes the reflection of the digital screen, reduces eye fatigue, relieves eye fatigue, cares for the health of your vision, and ensures clear vision.

* Fashionable and elegant

The flattering diamond and the youthful rimless design break the boring shape of traditional lenses, creating a more elegant and charming look.

* Comfortable to wear

The one-piece, lightweight nose pad provides good support and support. you don’t feel tired. You can wear them for hours and forget you have them on.


Material: alloy frame

Color: rose gold, silver

quality: +1.0/100, +1.5/150, +2.0/200, +2.5/250, +3.0/300, +3.5/350, +4.0/400

Glasses size: 142*142mm

Lens size: 55*35mm

Nose distance: 20mm

Package contents: 1* Fashion Anti-Blue Light frameless reading glasses


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Fashionable Anti-Blue Light Rimless Reading Glasses
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