Inflatable Non-Slip Floating Surfboard


Outdoor Inflatable Surfboard Solid Color Buoy For Kids

Suppose you’re at the beach with your family. You are going for surfing, but your kids aren’t of that age to use a surfboard. What should you do in this situation? Well, in this case, you can get them a surfboard solid color buoy. The thing comes handy for the kids. Hence, they can enjoy beach time as well. They just have to wear it and off they go for a little surfing.

Inflatable Non-Slip Floating Surfboard

Also, the color buoy kickboard for kids is completely safe to use, and you can rely on the material used. The material is strong enough to resist any harsh activity on it. You don’t have to worry about the kids’ when they are in the sea, or they might not fall. This kickboard for kids is safe as it will easily balance their weight on it and won’t let them fall off.

The Material Of The Surfboard Solid Color Buoy

This Product comes with durable material with excellent built-in quality. Let’s just sum all of them up, so, the kickboard is manufactured by Oxford Cloth, PVC, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, and Polyester. Overall, we can say that kickboard has amazing strength and will not tear up easily. Furthermore, the kids’ weight will go well with the surfboard. Hence, your kid is safe until he or she is on it.

Inflatable Non-Slip Floating Surfboard

Surfboard Solid Color Buoy Size

The next thing comes the size. Notably, you can keep it anywhere when there is no air in it. It becomes very easy to carry around. When it is non-inflated, it’s size is around 75 x 62 cm, and when it’s inflated, it gets up to 72 x 52 x 15 cm.


The Surfboard buoy comes in two color variants that are red and blue. Almost everyone loves these colors as they suit them.


  • Color:
  • Material: Oxford Cloth, PVC, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, and Polyester
  • Size: 29 x 21 x 6″ / 72 x 52 x 15cm

Inflatable Non-Slip Floating Surfboard


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Inflatable Non-Slip Floating Surfboard