Inflatable Pool Ring Toss Games Toys


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🎊Welcome to the DuduLand Summer Pool Party!

🌈Let the fun pool toys accompany the kids and parents to spend a happy family life.

🔔If your wants to have more laughter and keep your kids away from the phone screen, then you need it!

Inflatable Pool Ring Toss Games Toys
  • 💦Summer Party Pool Toys – Do you miss the favorite toss game as a child?it’s coming! 1 cross ring toss and 4 rings,free inflatable pump allows children to have more sense of game participation. Enough sets of rings can let the children feel the active atmosphere together. Come and race with your child!
  • 💦”Daddy, I Hit It!” — Game is easy:stand at the same distance and observe 4 different point pattern designs, which one can you score? 10, 20, 30, 40 points, the kids with the most points wins.Kids can act as judges, help calculate the score and exercise their math skills.
  • 💯Easy To Store–The ring toy is easy to store and can take anywhere.After playing, deflate the toys and store it until the next time, and enough for you to play in the pool in next funny summer. kids will love it!
  • 👨‍👩‍👧Fun Family Time – Parents bring their kids to compete in a ring toss to see who is the best. The ring toss game also helps kids become more active and social. Not only do kids improve their interpersonal skills, they also learn valuable lessons about teamwork and healthy competition.
  • 🎁Best Pool Gifts for kids – Do you want to get closer to your kids? This is suitable for adults and families to play backyard games, beach games, pool party,beach party, birthday party use toys to enjoy the summer water fun.

Inflatable Pool Ring Toss Games Toys

✔Play Anywhere
Not only the outdoor pool party, beach party, etc.any plain can be played.

💯Easy storage
With a quick release holes, after playing, let the air out and store until the next use.

✔How to play?
Put the cross and the ring all filled with 90% gas, put the cross in the pool or on the grass,
and let the family and the child take turns to throw it together at the same distance to see who has the highest score.
This is also a good time for your child to play the role of a referee and practice their math skills.

✔How to deflate after play?
Open the inflatable holes, pinch it deflate air,until the gas is completed released.

🔔Warm tips:
1、 This toys is suitable for 2-3 people to play and create a lively time.
If it is a super party, we recommend buying more than one, so that your friends and kids have more interaction.
2、please do not over-inflate, we recommend using 90%-95% of the inflatable volume.
Keep away from fire, any sharp objects to prevent puncture.

🎁What can kids receive?
Cross Ring Toss*1
Inflatable Pump*1

Inflatable Pool Ring Toss Games Toys


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Inflatable Pool Ring Toss Games Toys

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