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  • 【Ultimate Brightness for Extreme Visibility】Doglemishop Rideshare LED Sign is the perfect car accessory for drivers in need of a BRIGHT and VISIBLE window LED Sign.
  • 【Take Your Rideshare Driving to the Next Level】Enhance the professionalism of your Ride Share vehicle with our vehicle accessories.
  • 【Rideshare Accessories】Emerge from the crowd with this Vibrant, Slim, & Luminous LED light sign.
  • 【LED Car Sign】Feeling uneasy while you wait for your passengers in rough neighborhoods can make you want to cancel your ride and move on. Use our car accessory to cleary identify yourself as a rideshare driver to everyone around.
  • 【Car Accessories】6 Convenient feet of USB cable to power your new car accessory. The strong suction cups will ensure an air tight seal on your windshield.

Bright LED Lights Glow

Whether it is day or night, your customer will see your car immediately.

High quality Led Ride Share Sign Light make your car stand out in traffic.

The pattern is clear and Glow, Your car visible from far away.

Improve Your Customer Rating

Make it easier for customers to find your car. More and more customers will willing to give you 5 star praise. Especially during rush hour or in bad weather.

Easy installation

Easy hook on and off with suction cup on the windshield.

Dripping a little bit of water can help you let the suction cups adsorb to the card and glass better.

  • Easy to spot — Stand out by easily identifying yourself to customers with these windshield placards. The pattern is clear and the guidelines are clear. Your car visible from far away and you will not be missed ever again!
  • Power Supply — DC 12V inverter with car USB charge, suitable for all 12V cars.
  • Light source — EL LED lamp panel, bright and soft light, makes people easy to see without glare, and performs well in foggy or rainy weather.
  • Easy Installation —Easy hook on and off with suction cup remain on the windshield. Before install, pls clean up the windshield where you want to stick, it is better to drip some water to the suctions for strong stick.
  • Improve your five-star praise — this led car window sign can make people impressed, good driving, and give customers a better experience. Customers will give you a higher evaluation!

Highlight LED Beads

There are many led beads around the word, very bright, make your cars standout when you are in the road, which can make passenger can find you easier, improve efficiency.

Strong Suction Cups

4 pcs strong suction cups can stick the sign light in the window of your cars, you are not worry they drop off when driving.

USB Charging

It is very easy to charge, Power button can help you close the light easier when you are taking rest and open it when you are working.

Advantage to Buy Our LED Sign Light ?

  1. Whether it’s foggy or rainy, customers can easily find your car and stand out from the competition.
  2. Clear and bright illuminating signs make it easy to get better reviews and higher scores. For your growing business.
  3. Let the passengers believe that you are a trustworthy driver,it was a safe trip.
  4. Easily mounted on your window and any where, suitable for all 12V Cars,SUV,Pickup Truck, Motorcycle ,Van ,Trailer,Boat, Caravan ect.Also Easily removed when not in use.


  1. The words of this sign light is “Ride Share”, can not change or add the words.
  2. Before install, pls clean up the windshield where you want to stick, it is better to add some water to the suctions for strong stick.
  3. Pls don’t pull the line too hard.


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Rideshare LED Car Sign Rideshare Accessories