Self Heating Neck Pad – Relieve Tension ~ Pain Relief!


    • BENEFITS: The magnet-powered heat from this recommended neck pad improves blood circulation to soothe & rejuvenate sore muscles & joints.
    • DESIGN: Uses magnet and tourmaline technology. Magnets activate for deep heat therapy in less than 20 minutes. Natural heat improves blood circulation to soothe achy muscles and joints for recovery. The addition of Tourmaline, which carries an intrinsic electrical charge, helps enhance the magnetic properties for long lasting relief.
    • RECOVERY: Works to relive post-workout muscle pain, age-related joint problems, tension, and inflammation. Aims to help boost mobility, flexibility, range of motion, and muscle recovery.
    • PAIN RELIEF: Suitable for Pain Relief associated with Injuries,Tension, Sprains, Strains, Fibromyalgia, Meningitis. High Quality, Durable Support, Safe to Use, and No Plug-In.
    • NATURAL REMEDY: Heat helps improve: Blood Circulation, Muscle Relief, Joint Problems due to Aging, Tension & Soreness, Inflammation After Workouts, Mobility & Flexibility, Range of Motion, and Aids in Recovery. Magnets activate for heat therapy unlike normal neck braces that only offer compression.

    • Material: self-heating cloth, 5 bio magnets, polyester, and spandex
    • One size fits most
    • Self-heating to warm your neck
    • Magnetic therapy
    • Dredges the channels and collaterals
    • Improves micro-circulation and adjusts your metabolism
    • Helps subside inflammation and swelling
    • Keeps spinal and waist flexibility when playing sports
    • Improves Neck Posture
    • Provides protection and support for your neck
    • Helps the healing and prevention of sporting injuries

    • Instructions:
    1. Use a wet cloth to wipe the heated part of neck massager before use
      2. You will feel heat after about 15-30 minutes. It could take longer if you do not wet the heating part of the pad first.
        3. Hand washable, no need for soap.
          4. Slightly hot sensation is normal when you first use this product.  If you feel it is becoming too hot, you can take off and put back on when ready.
            5. 2-3 times every day and for 3 hours is recommended for most benefit.


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              Self Heating Neck Pad – Relieve Tension ~ Pain Relief!
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