Sports Running Belt with Water Bottle Holder



This Sports Running Belt with Water Bottle Holder is very comfortable to wear. It’s made of high elastic straps that can be adjusted from 25.9 “to 42” which gives it an amazing fit so that it is suitable for most men and women. This ultra-lightweight, a durable running belt bag is perfectly designed for your phone, key, and cash. 

This Sports Running Belt with Water Bottle Holder offer you a hands-free exercise, you no need to hold your phone or water bottle on your hand, so you can enjoy your sports, whatever running, walking, hiking, climbing, cycling and etc.

Angle design will resolve the weight on your hip make sure no shaking during your move and contour to the curves of your body for a comfortable carrying experience. NO bounces steady fit, easy one handy access, perfect for races requiring lightweight and speed. Evenly distributes the weight of your belongings for a bounce-free ride while you run, hike, marathon, or bike.

The bottle carrier has some flexibility to allow for differing bottle diameters and has a holding loop for extra security if required. Fits bottle diameter up to 3.2 inches (80 mm). 


  • Hands-Free walking, jogging, climbing, bike riding, traveling, etc. Padded for comfort. The zippered pouch holds phone, passport, snacks, money, while you’re active. For oversized phones, pouch holds the phone, no need to zipper.
  • Cable Eyelet to organize your phone or MP3 Player cable for maximum organization. Water bottle pouch holds a standard 16 Oz water bottle, juice, soda or any liquid you desire
  • Hands-free storage while you’re active. Looping elastic hook locks bottle in place so it won’t pop out while moving.
  • Adjustable to fit waists up to 44” adjustable for maximum comfort. Green reflective strip for greater visibility while outdoors.
  • Sliding Pouch – Once the belt is on, you can slide the pouch to any position which suits you best. Wear it in the front, back, side, hip, etc.




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Sports Running Belt with Water Bottle Holder