wiiyii Car HUD Head Up Display P6, OBD+GPS Smart Gauge, Works Great for Most Cars


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  • SAFE IS THE FIRST—Just focus on your driving, could read speed at a glance with the digital numbers but without having to look down; This unit simply displays directly to you at whatever angle you set it up, no need to make effort to have a look, which may lead to make distractions or even cause accident.
  • NEW DRIVING EXPERIENCE—10 kinds interface, free switch, LCD meter, clear fault code, read data stream; 2 install way with adjustable bracket, put on dashboard or stick to windshield, easy operation, non-destructive installation.
  • A MUST HAVE—If you don’t want your driving record to have points on it or pat hundreds of dollars in speeding tickets; If on a major highway, you really want to know how fast you are going; If your wife get worried and want to see you’re not driving so fast as she feels; Or if you would like to solve your problem of never knowing how fast you are going, this speedometer perfectly matches your need.
  • DRIVING MORE COMFORTABLE—When driving normally, the ambient light is blue color(automatically adjusts the brightness according to the environment ); when driving abnormally, such as speeding, the ambient light will be changed to Red color for alarming.
  • MORE SMOOTH & STABLE—Common meter only has OBD mode, but ours is dual mode: OBD+GPS 2-in-1, the default display OBD+GPS function at the same time, and data display is more abundant. OBD system, can read more than 100 kinds of data in the car. If the vehicle doesn’t have OBD2 protocol, only displays GPS function.


  • OBD mode function:speed, water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, rotation speed, single mileage, total mileage, driving time, driving direction, number of stars searched, altitude, time, oil temperature, acceleration test, brake test, clear fault code, read data stream, etc.
  • OBD mode alarm: overspeed alarm, speed alarm, water temperature alarm, voltage alarm
  • GPS mode function : vehicle speed voltage satellite time altitude number of satellites driving direction single mileage driving time acceleration test brake test.
  • GPS mode alarm: overspeed alarm, low voltage alarm

OBD system incompatibility:

  • Not compatible with automotive protocols: JOBD and OBDI
  • Incompatible car types: hybrid electric vehicle, diesel car, pickup truck, RV, computer modified car
  • Incompatible car brands: Renault / Peugeot /Citroen /Fiat /DS /Lamborghini /Jeep /SIMCA /Suzuki

Multi-function trip computer


2.Key Description:

“<” key “OK” key “>” key Time Display Atmosphere Light Bracket

90% of cars in 2009-2021 can use OBD2 system

Please use GPS system for cars before 2008

Please use GPS system for all signs, all Lada series, hybrid cars, electric cars, trucks, vans, and buses

3.Accessories description:

  • P6-HUD
  • Rotary suction cup bracket
  • Manual
  • OBD cable
  • 3M tape
  • Crowbar


  • This product just available for cars with OBD2 agreement and EU-OBD agreement(European region: after 03 years, Other region: after 07 years).
  • If you are not sure, please consult the merchant, Contact information available on our seller page. We will reply in time.


1.display on the screen, no power

Check whether the OBD line is tight, pull it down and plug it repeatedly several times. If the recommended test, the OBD diagnosis interface is broken. If the OBD diagnosis is bad, it is recommended to repair the OBD interface and connect the machine again.

2. Power ized, but only the screen, automatically off after 30 seconds

This product is the only only available for OBDII and EOBD in OBD2 mode. Year of vehicle production (08 years after, OBDII and EOBD were started). OBD I and JOBD are not supported in this product OBD2 mode

Switch to GPS system (press> to select GPS system)

3. There is an error between the vehicle speed and the instrument panel display

Check the correct km KM / mile MPH (speed unit switching reference settings)

After the normal display, press ‘OK’ for 2 seconds to enter the system setting, press ‘>’ to switch to the system Settings, select “speed error adjustment” for fine-tuning (such as the instrument shows 100 Km/h equipment shows 105 Km/h, and dial the parameter value to 102).

4. Unable to shut down

After the car stops off, the machine cannot be turned down. Select “Shutdown voltage Settings” to 13.2V or 13.6V, and the car will automatically shut down for 3 minutes.

The GPS displays the FAQs:

1. Enter the GPS system

Press ‘>’ button within 5 seconds to select the GPS system, short press M to confirm, and automatically enter the last use system after 5 seconds without operation

2.No speed

After power on, GPS is the star search state, please move the car to the open road, GPS shows above 5 means that more than 5 satellites can be used normally

If you still want to know more about the details of the product, please consult us through the Amazon platform, we will answer within 24 hours, thank you!


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wiiyii Car HUD Head Up Display P6, OBD+GPS Smart Gauge, Works Great for Most Cars

Availability: In stock