wiiyii Head Up Display, Car HUD P8, OBDII & GPS Dual System


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  • 2 KINDS INSTALL—Install on A-Pillar trim or put on dashboard, more easy for use. Simply displays directly to you at whatever angle you set it up is possible, no need to make effort or look down that would create distractions, best assistant to help ensure your driving safety.
  • MORE EASY—Easy to install, set up is no more complex than connecting to USB power. It takes perhaps half a mile to lock onto a satellite and do its housekeeping before speed is displayed.
  • 8 DISPLAY INTERFACES—Different interface can be freely switched. Read full car data stream, display vehicle ECU data.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION—OBD+GPS dual system with function display, such as speed, clock, RPM, voltage, water temperature, etc. please note: the default mode is OBD2 mode.
  • QUALITY & SERVICE—CE FCC RoHS listed. Any querry, feel free to contact us, we will reply and help you solve problem ASAP.

It is the first on the market that can install on A pillar trim

OBD and GPS mode can display at the same time by switch the display interface, GPS mode can work for all cars.

This product is a dual system: After power on, select the language and system you are familiar with, press the ‘>’ key to select OBD or GPS system, If OBD is incompatible, please go to setting page to switch the working mode into GPS MODE. and automatically enter the last selected system after 5 seconds of inactivity.

Product Features:

1. Stereoscopic imaging. Display the information three-dimensionally through the translucent semi-reflective lens. No reflection, zero ghosting, and clearer display during daytime.

2. Exquisite and unique design, free from external light, no film is needed, no unnecessary reflection picture, plug and play, easy to operate.

3. Powerful and practical function display, such as speed, water temperature and voltage, etc. HUD could eliminate the fault code displayed on the engine dashboard without professional equipment.

4. Early warning of the high water temperature and low voltage to avoid Car breakdown.

OBD system incompatibility: Not compatible with automotive protocols: JOBD and OBDI

Incompatible car types: hybrid electric vehicle, diesel car, pickup truck, RV, computer modified car

Incompatible car brands: Renault / Peugeot /Citroen /Fiat /DS /Lamborghini /Jeep /SIMCA /Suzuki


This product just available for cars with OBD2 agreement and EU-OBD agreement(European region: after 03 years, Other region: after 07 years).

If you are not sure, please consult the merchant, Contact information available on our seller page. We will reply in time.

wiiyii P8 hud head-up display

100% compatiblility OBD+GPS dual system

HD display,no double image,clear effect in day time

metal nanotechnology on the front side to remove unwanted reflections for clearer display

OBD + GPS system with multi-function

OBD mode includes functions display:

Speed, Clock, RPM, Water Temperature, Voltage, Fuel Consumption, Driving Time, Driving Distance, Turbo Pressure, Acceleration Test, Brake Test, Clear Fault Code, Oil Temperature.

GPS mode includes functions display:

Speed, Clock, Driving Time, Satellite Number, Altitude, Driving Distance, Altitude.

۞Generally Speaking: OBD2 model application scope: OBD2 agreement gasoline vehicles produced in the United States after 2004, and OBD2 agreement gasoline vehicles produced in other regions after 2008. GPS model: all cars can be used, just connect to the electricity, regardless of model, regardless of year, voltage range 8~18V.

۞ How To Install: ◙ Insert the OBD socket connector. ◙ Plug the wire into the A-Pillar seal. ◙ Connect one end of the OBD interface into the HUD and place the HUD in a suitable position.

۞ Kindly Attention: If you didn’t drive for more than a week, please disconnect it. Because the OBD device is a regular battery of a car battery, it is recommended to unplug the OBD device when the car is not used for a long time due to different vehicle conditions.

۞How to switch to GPS:Within 5 seconds after power on, short press the “>” button to switch to the GPS system. This system is applicable to all cars.


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wiiyii Head Up Display, Car HUD P8, OBDII & GPS Dual System

Availability: In stock